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Entertainment News > Gossip > Chaz Bono Burned Out Freaking Out

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Chaz Bono Burned Out Freaking Out

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Don't believe the smile on this face.

Chaz Bono is going through a terrible physical and psychological breakdown. Chaz is burned out from over exposure and freaking out about his up coming wedding.

The transgender activist, 42, who is still weighing it at nearly 300 lbs, has been working overtime for most of 2011. It’s hard for him to say no to the various causes that are so near and dear to his heart and, it is rumored, his relationship with fiancée Jennifer Elia, has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Plus he is grappling with with deep-seated emotions about childhood abuse and feelings that he was abandoned by his mother.

Recently Chaz – born Chastity Bono, the daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono – broke down and hasn’t left the comfort and safety of her bed. Chaz is simply overwhelmed with anxiety and complex emotions.

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Chaz recently finished up weeks of hardcore workouts with almost no sleep on “Dancing with the Stars” while at the same time filming his new documentary, “Being Chaz,” which premiered on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network this week.

Since completing “DWTS,” Chaz has been running nonstop promoting the new show. And during interviews, he’s been asked over and over about his claims of abuse and neglect he says he braved as a child.

In his outrageous autobiography, “Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man,” Chaz revealed that his mega-star mother Cher put her stardom above motherhood, mocked him and kicked him out of her New York City apartment after Chaz dropped the sexuality bomb.

But the most savage stories from Chaz center on the abuse he says he withstood at the hands of a nanny and later, a tutor his mother employed for him when he was just 8-years-old.

“The tutor and I often hung out in my hotel room, supposedly doing schoolwork,” Chaz wrote in the book. “One day she started playing a game with me. I was her boyfriend and she was my girlfriend. I remember being in bed together with our  shirts off, dry humping, kissing and cuddling.”

The book and the documentary are bringing back lots of old, bad memories for Chaz. He is still struggling with the fact that his mom left him with hired help that couldn’t care less about his well being. At the same time Chaz and Cher have never been closer than they are now and he is scared that all this sharing of his bad childhood will make his mom ditch him again.

This fear of being abandoned again is draining all the energy out of Chaz.

Another source of pain in Chaz’s life is his difficult relationship with fiancée Jennifer, 36, which is featured on “Being Chaz.” Although Chaz and Jen have always  had their differences, their relationship has become particularly strained ever since Chaz’s transformation and career rebirth.

Before all the media attention it was just Chastity and Jen in a traditional lesbian relationship. But now that Chastity has transformed into Chaz, she is a he and he is a major media star. During Chaz’s transformation, Jen fell off the wagon, which lead to serious problems in their love life. Chaz is very mild mannered and hates confrontation. So, the recent up tick in their quarrels has put Chaz on the edge.

Chaz took it as a personal failing when Jennifer started hitting the sauce again during his transformation. Even though Chaz was dealing with his own issues, he went out of his way to be a source of support for Jennifer and let her know how much he adores her. He is very committed to Jennifer. He understands that he’s not your average guy and that it took major guts for her to stay by her side as he went through the gender-reassignment surgery, and he will be forever thankful to her for that.”

Chaz endured another public insult recently when actor Warren Beatty’s 19-year-old transgendered son, Stephen Ira, who was born Kathlyn, bitch slapped him in his blog, labeling him a misogynist.

Chaz was very hurt by Stephens words. He thinks Stephen’s words only push members of the transgender community apart and are not helpful. Since Chaz’s recent blast of publicity, he has basically become the poster boy for gender-reassignment surgery. He just wants the general public to become more aware of trans gender people. He has no desire to ignite more controversy or hurt feelings.

Chaz knows how to act happy. He has been doing it for years. But behind closed doors he’s emotionally destroyed.  And what better way to stuff those feelings than to chow down on some good old fashioned comfort food. His waistline is has already expanded back to its pre-DWTS circumference.  If he doesn’t chill out or turn to hiking or biking rather than Oreos and Spaghetti-o’s Chaz will be in the danger zone health-wise.

Friends of Chaz have tried to reach out, inviting him over to just hang-out or go for walks. He has a tight knit group of loyal friends who genuinely care about him and want to try to take his mind off things. But Chaz isn’t interested in such distractions.

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